If you arrive with a caravan via the autobahn A3, it is best to drive to the Pocking junction. This is the last exit before the German-Austrian border. From there it’s easy to go a few kilometers south on the B12. Then you leave the road and go on the B388 to Schwaig. Here you drive around a building in which a sporting goods manufacturer and a glassworks from the Bavarian Forest offer their goods for sale. Now, the way goes along the old main road a bit back.

If you come to the campsite „Holmernhof Dreiquellenbad“ (attention: there exists a second campsite of the same name in this region, but it is in Bad FĂĽssing), you can easily use the access road to your parking space. Because the driveway runs parallel to the road.


The course is on a southern slope, directly below the hot springs resort of Bad Griesbach. The quiet road connects the next villages. The yard is surrounded by fields.

Blick auf die Alpen
Blick auf die Alpen

When the weather is nice, you can enjoy a view of the Alps (Dachstein massif) which are about 90 kilometers away.



All pitches have water and electricity. If you book the more expensive ones, you also have a sewage connection. The floor is graveled. The individual pitches are delimited by hedges or pylons in the terraced area.

Some pitches are on the hillside. These have been designed to be level so that there is little effort to align your caravan horizontally. However, getting to these places can be difficult if you have a heavy caravan. The driveway goes straight up the mountain and therefore the path is quite steep

Sanitary Facilities

The site has two sanitary areas. Officially. One is in the building complex in which administration, reception, services, etc. are located. The other is housed in a small extra building.

We have „found“ a small hut, which is actually available to users of the bathing pond. This wooden hut includes a shower (open air!), a toilet and a urinal. This hut significantly reduced the distance to the sanitary facilities. That was really good for us some nights.

„Camping Holmernhof“ places great importance on hygiene. Showering and using the washbasin is contactless. The toilets are flushed with a foot switch. Each toilet compartment is equipped with its own disinfectant dispenser – for disinfecting the toilet seats.

Since the building did not look as if it had been renovated during the lockdown in spring 2020, this standard must have been in place before the Corona period. We have never seen such a standard in the toilets and washing areas at any campsite.

Washing the Dishes and Clothes

The small sanitary building has its own dishwashing room. Here are four sinks for washing dishes. The only drawback: these are really close together, so that it gets cuddly when there are several (more than 4 people) washing up.

Here, too, you can get into and out of the dishwashing area almost without contact. Partly by light barriers, partly by pressure switches, as known from hospitals.

Laundry is possible, but we didn’t look at the premises. We also did not visit the corresponding premises in the central building complex.


Campsite Supply

There is a small shop. Here you can get regional products, newspapers and bread rolls in the morning. A few spare parts for campers are also offered here. Anyone who needs to exchange a gas bottle is also in the right place here.

There is also a restaurant called „Zur Leibspeis“. We didn’t stop here, but had the pleasure of enjoying a selection of delicacies at the Oktoberfest in the Tenne. And to be honest: the name of the restaurant fits perfectly with the food served. A stop is almost a must. The food is delicious.

Campsite Offers

Since the campsite is located in the spa triangle Bad FĂĽssing – Bad Griesbach – Bad Birnbach, the offers on the site are geared towards relaxation.

So there is not only the already mentioned restaurant for the physical and mental well-being, but also a massage practice and a hairdresser on the yard.

AuĂźenansicht der Thermen-/Wellnesslandschaft vom Holmernhof
AuĂźenansicht der Thermen-/Wellnesslandschaft vom Holmernhof

In addition, the Holmernhof has a free spa and wellness area for camping guests:

  • gym
  • Thermal baths with whirlpool, an indoor and outdoor (brine!) pool and a relaxation room and sun terrace
  • steam grotto
  • Kneipp pool
  • several saunas

And finally, at the top of the square, there is a natural bathing pond with a sunbathing area.

Due to these recreational offers and the quite spacious complex, it is not absolutely necessary to visit the thermal baths of Bad Griesbach.

The local spa card from Bad Griesbach allows you to use the local bus free of charge.

Through other campers, we have learned that there are always well-attended festivities on campsite. The „Oktoberfest“ we attended was one of the events.

If you absolutely need access to the Internet, you can get it free of charge. Access is via the site’s own WLAN


It’s easy to tell that you’re in Bavaria! You can’t complain about the friendliness on site. Both the Holmernhof team and the guests are all super friendly!

At the reception you are greeted with a natural friendliness. Nothing fake. As a result, we felt comfortable from the first second and were on vacation before we had even parked the caravan on its booked pitch.

If something goes wrong, you try to find a solution and make the guest happy. (We also experienced something completely different!)

Here you really still feel like a king.

Child Friendliness

Here we have to say one thing in advance: neither the campsite nor the region are suitable for family holidays. If you want to keep your children busy and offer them an „experience“, you should look for another travel destination. Even if children are welcome here and there are offers for them. The focus of the region is simply: cures, wellness, golf, hiking and cycling.

As far as we have seen, there is a playground for children. This is located at the small sanitary building. The equipment of this play area is varied. Most ages will find something to climb and romp about there.

The bathing facilities can and may also be used by children. But since these guests who are looking for relaxation and peace and quiet should be available, the little ones can have fun and let off steam here.

Accepted discount cards

ADAC Campcard n/a
Camping Card ASCI (CC) n/a
Camping Card Internatonal (CCI) n/a
Camping Key Europe (CKE) âś”
Deutscher Camping Club (DCC) n/a
Mein Platz âś”
Further discount options Loyalty discount, PremiumCamps benefit card

Summarised Rating

  • Pitch (equipment)
  • Sanitary facilities
  • campsite supply
  • Events, entertainment
  • Child friendliness
  • Staff (friendliness, helpfulness, flexibility)
  • Price-performance ratio

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